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I am a writer and book editor, living in Melbourne, Australia. My debut nonfiction book Unlike the Heart:  a memoir of brain and mind (March, 2019) uses my story of postnatal dissolution to investigate questions of mental experience, the scientific status of psychoanalysis, and the bodily and emotional conflux of the experience of motherhood. I have been published widely, writing on topics ranging from postnatal medication to the conundrum of objective measurement in mental health, in publications including the Australian, The Monthly, Meanjin literary journal and Women’s Agenda.

My fiction has been published in the literary journals Meanjin, Island and Kill Your Darlings, and in the anthologies Best Australian Stories and the Big Issue Fiction Special.

I have been working as a book editor since 2005, and I teach in the creative writing department at RMIT from time to time.

I am pleased to be an advocate for the work of the Gidget Foundation, which has as its mission: To promote the importance of emotional wellbeing amongst expectant and new parents, their healthcare providers and the wider community to ensure that those in need receive timely, appropriate and supportive care.