The Wheeler Centre's 'The Next Big Thing': Secrets and Lies Edition
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The Wheeler Centre's 'The Next Big Thing': Secrets and Lies Edition

About The Next Big Thing:

‘Want to meet tomorrow’s literary stars today? Let us introduce you.

Our long-running Next Big Thing series is our showcase for great new local talent. You’ll hear emerging writers reading from bold and adventurous work. Enjoy a delicious drink and a bite to eat at the Moat, while your future favourite authors knock your socks off.’

About the Secrets and Lies Edition:

What happens when we betray confidences? And what secrets do we keep from ourselves?

At The Moat in April, we’ll hear from writers whose work is concerned with hidden mysteries. J.P. Pomare’s new thriller, Call Me Evie, is about the fallibility of memory. Sonia Orchard’s Into The Fire is a novel about female friendship and betrayal and Nicola Redhouse’s memoir, Unlike the Heart, is an examination of post-natal depression and psychoanalysis. Caitlin McGregor's 'in defence of watching paint dry' comes from issue #113 of Voiceworks, 'Flare'.

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Live Journal - The Slow Canoe
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Live Journal - The Slow Canoe


Slow Canoe Love and Hate, on February 1st at Schoolhouse Studios.

$15 entry with chapbook!

As per The Slow Canoe flyer:

‘For the chapbook, we've asked twenty eight writers to write these really wonderful little 'Dear Canoe' advice seeking letters. See the poster for who they are -- a whole lot of wonderful writers. They're funny, they're smart, they're seeking.

Then we have Nicola Redhouse and Eleanor Elliot Thomas collaborating on a story via correspondence. I really can't wait to see this.

SJ Finn, a superb writer we've wanted to have at the Canoe for years now, is writing an essay on how our understanding of love and of hate have changed over the years.

Music-wise, we've lined up the kind of wild and brilliant sax player, Scott McConnachie.

And finally, we have this tough and beautiful film by Lara Gissing. ‘

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Quantum Words 2018
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Quantum Words 2018


How do you go about writing a lived experience of mental illness? Is it all right for people without that experience to write about such subjects and, if so, how? Writers with a diverse range of experiences wrangle these complex questions. With James Best, Annaliese Constable, Peter Polites, and Nicola Redhouse (chair)

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